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The National Kidney Registry is dedicated to increasing the number of kidney transplants from living donors, improving donor-recipient matches for longer-lasting transplants, and offering protection and support to living kidney donors to make the kidney donation process safer, easier and more convenient.

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What to Do If You’re Disqualified from Becoming a Kidney Donor Due to Your BMI

Suzanne McGuire, Clinical Support Consultant, National Kidney Registry

If you are considering being a living kidney donor, you may be wondering what disqualifies you from being an organ donor. There are several reasons why someone might be disqualified as a living kidney donor. One of them is weight, or more specifically, body mass index (BMI). BMI is a number calculated based on a

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Kidney Donor Stories

My Kidney Donation Story: Mimi Mahon

Mimi Mahon

My mom suffered an acute kidney injury in the spring of 2015 that was a result of sepsis. While we are still unsure of exactly what caused her to be sick in the first place, the events that transpired are quite a story. It all began while we were on my annual softball spring trip

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