Center Liquidity Contribution

The Center Liquidity Contribution (CLC) scores Member Centers based on their contribution to the pool liquidity (chain start donors, pairs entered, etc.) and their withdrawal of pool liquidity (hard-to-match pairs transplanted, etc.). Top scoring CLC centers are given matching priority.

CLC points are awarded for:

  • Donors that start chains
  • Favorable blood type compatible pairs
  • Favorable blood type incompatible pairs with recipient cPRA < 90%
  • Hard-to-match donors accepted as a chain ends

CLC points are deducted for:

  • Unfavorable blood type pairs
  • Patients with a cPRA ≥ 90%
  • Net chains started (NCS) when a center is below zero
  • Match offer decline for CLC targeted pairs

CLC points for Voucher Program pairs:

  • If a voucher donor has multiple recipients with different blood types, then recipient blood type is calculated using the lowest point gain, or largest deduction. (i.e., If an “O” voucher donor has two recipients, “O” and “A” points assumed are for an “O” “O” pair).