Donor Search

If you have a patient who needs a kidney but does not have a donor willing to donate on their behalf, the National Kidney Registry’s Champion Microsite program can help them find a donor. Learn more about Champion Microsites.


The NKR’s microsite program provides a free, personalized website designed to help patients find living kidney donors. There are two types of sites—starter and custom—depending on a patient’s level of comfort. Using the custom microsite, patients can post pictures and tell the story of why they need a kidney. Patients can share their microsite through email, social media and in person with the 250 free business cards they will receive after the site is activated.

Donor Search Expert Coach

The National Kidney Registry has partnered with a network of individuals who have personal experience with donor search campaigns. Our patient coaches are experts at running successful donor search campaigns and can assist patients with all aspects of the donor search process, including microsite creation, social media utilization and other strategies for finding a living donor. All microsite patients are connected with a coach upon microsite activation.

Champion Training

A one-day Zoom training seminar will be conducted for all microsite patients every month to instruct patients how to find a living donor and how to most effectively utilize the microsite platform. These monthly training sessions are hosted by expert donor search coaches. This program is currently in development and should be available to all microsite patients by July 2022.

Activity Measurement

Our Champion Microsite platform keeps patients updated with a weekly email of microsite web page activity. This allows patients and their coaches to monitor the results of donor campaigns and outreach efforts.

Waitlist Mass Mailings

Transplant centers that offer the microsite program can do hard-copy mailings to all patients on a transplant center’s deceased donor waitlist to inform them of the microsite program. The National Kidney Registry will provide the waitlist mailings every six months at no cost.