Streamlined Serology Service

The Streamlined Serology Service automatically provides a blood draw kit with the tests required by the recipient center at a pre-established number of calendar days before the donation date.

We offer the option for the kit to be shipped to the transplant center or directly to the donor’s home with or without remote phlebotomy blood draw services.

The samples are shipped to the NKR lab, and the test results are automatically uploaded into the NKR system within 1-2 business days of the lab receiving the samples. The serology tests are then billed to the recipient center.

Available Pre-Op Serology Tests

Required by OPTN

  • HBc Total Ab
  • HBs Ab HBs Ag
  • HCV Ab
  • HIV 1&2 Ab

Other Available Tests

  • CMV IgG 
  • CMV IgM  
  • CMV PCR-Quant 
  • EBV IgG  
  • EBV IgM  
  • EBV PCR-Quant 
  • HSV 1-2 PCR 
  • HTLV I & II Ab
  • HTLV PCR Strongyloides 
  • Syphilis/ RPR  
  • T. cruzi Ab/Chagas 
  • Toxo IgG  
  • West Nile Virus NAT
  • West Nile Virus WNV IGM